Mowing Home Lawns

The amount and frequency of mowing depends upon the desired appearance of your turfgrass. Guidelines for maintenance procedures are offered below as good rules of thumb to follow on an as needed basis in maintaining healthy turgrass with an attractive appearance.

The following is recommended mowing heights for turfgrass:


Type of Sod Mowing Heights  Mowing Frequency  Type of Mower
Tifway 419 / Celebration Bermuda 3/4- 1 ½ inches 3 to 5 days Rotary or Reel*
Centipede 1- 2 inches 5 to 10 days Rotary
Emerald / Meyer Zoysia 3/4 -2 inches 5 to 10 days Rotary or Reel*

* Reel mowers provide a superior quality cut.