Soil Samples & Testing

Hand Hold Fresh Dirt

Beck’s Turf, Inc. highly recommends that a soil sample is taken before any sod is installed and Beck’s Turf will provide that service free of charge. Soil sample boxes, instructions, and other soil sample supplies are available from your county Extension office and some garden centers. The following recommendations should help you collect the proper soil samples:

On new lawns take a uniform core or slice of soil to the depth that the soil was tilled (usually 6-8 inches). Take 10 to 20 of these cores using a zigzag pattern. Mix these cores together in a bucket and remove about 1 pint to put in the soil sample box.

List the specific type of grass on the box and information sheet. Contact our office for details.

Any lime recommendations should be followed before the sod is installed. Fertilizer recommendations can be applied before or after sod is installed.

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