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What Sets Us Apart

Designed for Easy Installation

We have several installer models, designed to place your turf with greater efficiency, fewer seams, and a more finished appearance.

Fresh Quality

To ensure highest quality turf, we harvest by order! From one pallet to multiple truck loads, both wholesale and retail are available.

Soil Samples

Contact our office to have your soil samples tested at Auburn University at no cost to you!

Our Products

Becks Turf Truck

About Us

Since 1938, Beck’s Turf, Inc. has been producing high quality turf grass used on residential and commercial landscapes as well as golf courses and sports fields. Our turf grass has withstood the test of time.

Our turf grasses are selected for their abilities to withstand environmental challenges such as drought, shade, and traffic. Beck’s Turf staff and management are dedicated to producing and delivering the highest quality turf grass. We have 5 locations throughout Macon and Lee County, with our main office located on Wire Road outside of Tuskegee, Alabama. We supply sod to landscapers, contractors, sports facilities, and homeowners; our services include farm pick ups, delivery, and unloading.